I was only 17 years old. I loved Chemistry so much. I took notes and watch bozeman videos every nights. I pray to the Japanese Fisherman so that I could pass the Ap Test. "Chem is try," I pray, "Chem is life". Biology kids heard me and called me a t******************(uncensored down there). I know they were just jealous of my devotions. They told me I would fail the test and bio is easier. I'm crying now and my brain hurts. I lay in bed and it is -273 Kelvin. Suddenly, A warm fist is moving toward me. It is the Japanese Fisherman! He whispers into my ears "AP Test is near" while putting me onto my hands and knees. I'm ready now. I studied night and day, watching bozeman as Mr. Anderson asks me to subscribe for more.Click. It hurts so much but I do it for the Japanese fisherman. I can feel the 5 rising toward my summer report as my eyes start to water, dripping wet like the ocean floor. I fought against the Bio kids, I want to please the Japanese Fisherman!!!. FINALLY, on the day, He roars the mighty roar: "NEVER GIVE UP!" as I closes out the test. After the test, the Fisherman death glares at the Bio kids in the eyes and told me "It is all over".

T**************** = Tryhard (stop thinking about dirty stuffs)